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  • University of North Texas
  • Major—Computer Science
  • Aspirations—I hope to become a video game designer.
  • Skills—My creativity and deep knowledge of computers, both hardware and software.
  • Projects/accomplishments—My newest PC building project is my favorite project I’ve ever done.
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  • Repair experience—Throughout my life, my father and I have fixed many things from neon signs to working on my car. I love to repair things because of the sense of joy knowing that you “brought something back to life”.
  • Accolades—I was awarded the dean’s list in the fall 2018 semester at UNT and I have been invited to the National Honor Society.
  • Groups/memberships—I love to participate in the Intermural Flag Football games in the fall semesters of each year.
  • Hobbies—I spend my spare time by working on any project I currently have, playing video games, or expanding my knowledge on YouTube.