Originally from England, now living in Texas, I've been fixing things for as long as I can remember, staring with mechanical clocks when I was very young.

Received my BSc. & MSc in Mathematics and Computer Science and began a career in Information Technology, specialising in server infrastructure architecture, design, documentation and deployment.

A self-confessed rabid Apple fanboy, I collect Macs, both old and new, and other Apple devices. I then upgrade them to the latest technology (within the limitations of the factory motherboard).

After 20 years of IT, including a stint working for Apple in the UK, I completely changed gears and started a high performance automotive business 11 years ago based on late model Corvettes, Camaros and AMG Mercedes.

Well, that's me. A bit of a hardcore geek and crazy gearhead. :o)

Please either contact me here on iFixit or via Twitter @EG_EnglandGreen. Thanks!