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Hi! I’m Tarun and I’m a technical writer, photographer, and tinkerer here at iFixit. I figure out how to take everyday devices apart (the right way), take photos of the process, and write about it in hopes of teaching everyone else how to take them apart too. I also occasionally write other content for our platform.

I grew up in Plano, Texas before graduating in 2016 and moving out to San Luis Obispo to study computer engineering at Cal Poly SLO. While in school I was a member of Cal Poly’s satellite research and development lab, PolySat. Here, I worked mostly on attitude determination and control systems (ADCS) and assembled satellites that actually went into orbit! I later ended up switching disciplines to audio technology, my current major, during my third year in pursuit of a career in music production.

My passion for finding out how things worked began at a young age with me taking household items apart and trying my very best to put them back together. I loved playing with construction toys like lego and jumped at the opportunity to help my parents build a piece of furniture. I later began to hone in on electronics when I assembled my first PC and took apart and, successfully this time, reassembled my first smartphone. I would go on to cofound a robotics team in high school and served as the team’s mechanical and electrical captain. I also played trumpet throughout school; music has always been a huge part of my life.

Before working at iFixit, I worked in technical construction and helped build large-format gas filtration machines for the semiconductor industry. I currently also occasionally work as a professional DJ and perform at smaller venues in the area.

In my free time, I mostly listen to, DJ, and produce music. I also watch (way too much) youtube, play videogames, fix my friends’ stuff, work on cars, fly fpv, and am getting started with designing clothing.