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Hi my name is Kenrick Koo, but most people refer to me as K.J.

I am a second year studying Civil Engineering at Cal Poly SLO and I study 25-35 hours a week. My initial interest in engineering came from airplanes, but I soon switched to a subject that has to do with the infrastructure all around us.

My aspirations include remaining on the west coast once I graduate and possibly further my education. I also hope to one day qualify to play in the Olympics for ultimate frisbee, which is where I spend most of my time outside of school. Besides school and playing ultimate, I also bike, surf, travel, cooking, and playing viola. I also sleep on Sundays.

This past year I worked for the Public Works department for my hometown, where I worked on a sidewalk repair project and also prepared some streets for repair. The sidewalks needed to be surveyed for ADA compliance and mapped. It was exciting to work in a field so close to what I have been studying in school.

The internship required me to learn Excel backwards and forwards, as well as some ArcGIS mapping. I am also proficient with Word, Powerpoint, AutoCAD,

My personal experience closest to this project would be working with VEX robots doing coding and building of both structural and software components. The most exciting part of this project

At Cal Poly, I also belong to Institute of Transportation Engineers as well as Engineers for a Sustainable World. I am really focused on continuing the use of technology in our everyday lives, but realize how much electronic waste the world creates. This project will not only help me fell more confident when working with my own pieces, but will hopefully inspire a younger generation to continue to fix devices that would normally be thrown away.