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  • School: Embry Riddle Aeronautical University ''
  • Major: I chose Spaceflight Operations because I love the operational aspects of space travel.
  • Aspirations: I would like to become a NASA astronaut in the long term however, an officer in the United States Airforce is my short term goal.
  • Skills—Are there any special skills you’d like to share with a future employer?
  • Projects/accomplishments— I have worked on several life science payloads that went into space. Unfortunately I am not allowed to disclose the payloads.
  • Repair experience— I was on the iPad support team while I was in high school which required me to repair damaged iPads.
  • Accolades— I won the Right Stuff award while attending Space Camp.
  • Groups/memberships— I am in Air Force ROTC, martial arts self dense club, musicians club, and in the Campus Outreach club.
  • Hobbies— I love to workout, play music, scuba dive, and participating in any kind of outdoor activities.
  • How does this project relate to you?—How will your experience with this project benefit you professionally or personally?
  • Any other fun facts you’d like to add?— I am on the USA team for Taekwon-Do.

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