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I like thinking of how we can use what rubbish we have for some use, we need energy to recycle and that costs so people may not want to spend money on something that makes it more expensive we do not need to make millions of the same products all these throw a way things could be fixed with other parts and re used even small things we could take them we find in the street to a Home centre when we go next time and put them in a special odds and ends place often I go to find some thing for a job but not what a want

Usually there is a work shop so we could alter it to what we need it for the Home centre gets our custom kids could come and learn about materials tools so they could someday fix things we all know the feeling when we fixed something that was at first daunting and then when it worked it was a great thing to our ego!

I bouhgt a Junk G5 I am now writing this it was a about the price of three meals in a restaurant the shop got it tested it and declare it needed a PMU but the owner took out the Ram Airextreme card and Hard disk ( later Apple blamed me for buying a junk G5 when I asked for support they refused so I got a some Ram and 250 GB sata and inspected it it seemed a middle screw was broken when you take the back panel off you need to unscrew the 3 screws so I replaced it and now it is a bit shaky but I think the Mother board solder has cracked so there is a problem with the SMU anyway I am using it and need more advice because there could be a number of other faults.

But here in Japan people throw away good things because they are told to support the Electrical appliance industry I believe it is a a kind of policy to get Japan to just turn out things to assist in future development a race against other nations to make the most up -to -date gadgets so they need a throw and demand market actually we are all testers renewing gadgets is going at a faster pace people can not keep up some time an upgrade make more complex issues because the entire structure needs it

What if someone had a an iphone in the 70s they could not use it because we do not have the docking and module back up we Brainstorm ideas because at that time it maybe ludicrous but good ideas develop from other bad ideas.

I have 3 sholder straps from bags so i use them to support my PC if there is an earthquake they will not fall over!

I fancy Toni Nicosia she is on Gizmodo promotion video and commented "Gizmodo will inform us of any new products that will break in 2 seconds " I want her the fix my broken heart!



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  • Rispondi a "AHT Temp Sensor error"
  • Rispondi a "AHT Temp Sensor error"

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  • iMac Intel 21.5" EMC 2638 Teardown