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My name is Katie, and I am a super Virgo who definitely believes in astrology. I am a Technical Communications major with a minor in English. Spring is my second quarter at EWU, and I am currently a junior. Meticulous organizational skills are my forte, as well as being good for moral, and bringing baked goods. I consider myself an effective writer and am good at getting a general point across. The only experience I have with DIY, repair, and tools would be Pinterest DIY (that tends to go horribly wrong every time) and changing the oil and tires on my car. Other than that, I have very minimal experience, although I consider myself a fast learner and I enjoy hands on activities. For a very long time I thought that a Phillip’s screwdriver was an actual person’s, and I did take 8th grade woodshop. (It might be worth mentioning that 8th grade was well over a decade ago.) In my free time, I enjoy reading and playing with my children, Silas (5), and Llewelyn (1). My favorite food is cheese, and I really love documentaries about the Kennedys. I am really looking forward to a great quarter with a great team.