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Hi! My name is Tri. I'm currently pursuing Electrical Engineering as my major and i'm also studying how to code in different languages such as Java , C and C++ . I've been at EWU for almost 2 years. I plan on graduate in 3 -4 years , which will be 2021. I have a decent problem solving skills that will be helpful for the project and i love team working because solving a problem with a group of people is satisfying in my opinion .I've witnessed my dad fixes a lot of broken cars , so i think the experience will benefit the project. i saw alot of "Do it Yourself" videos on youtube , most of it are great guidelines of how to build something , it's very surprising that you can learn how to make alot of things through watching videos , i think DIY videos going to be very helpful for my position(which is RG expert) in the team because i have to write create a guidelines for the consumer.