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A Haiku

Hi, my name is Alex

I'm not sure how haikus work

But I think this counts

About Me

As my haiku clearly explained, my name is Alex. I wanted to lead with that poem, because I think that it tells you more than just that about me. For example it tells you I'm the kind of person so desperate to not fit in I would start my Bio with a haiku. And then try to make myself feel smart by acknowledging that desperation in my next paragraph.

I came from the Bay Area. I moved to SLO when I was 18 to go to community college here in SLO. That lasted a semester before I realized that I sucked at college and was wasting my parent's money and my time. So then, with an over developed Steve-Jobs complex, I applied for a job here at iFixit. I got the job, packing shipments.

My Job

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You found me here because of the work I've done at iFixit. I'm glad you like it, or sad that you hated it so much you needed to read more about that guy who failed you. Maybe you have used the Thirsty Bag that I designed, or read a post I wrote on our blog. Or maybe I answered a question on our forums. It's hard for me to know how you found me, because I do plenty of different things around the office. Practically all of the above. Unless the metaphorical above list actually exists, then it's not original enough for me to work on.

This is becoming ramble-y. So I'll end it here.

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