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I am an unauthorized (and proud of it) Apple technician. I have been working on and fixing MacBooks, iMacs , iPhones and iPads since October 2017.

I started out with simple iphone and ipad screen replacements, as well as, hard drive and memory upgrades on Apple computers. Now I confidently can replace any component on i devices and apple computers. Currently, I am concentrating my efforts on MacBook logic board repair. Since July of 2018 I have successfully completed 10+ logic board repairs.

In addition to Apple computer repair, I am a PC enthusiast that enjoys building custom PC's. Also, I am a self taught mechanic that refuses to take his car to a shop (unless it's an AC issue). So far, my most difficult car repair would be a head gasket replacement on my 2008 Subaru Impreza.

I visit the Answers Forum when ever I get the chance to help as much as possible.