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Currently I am working towards majoring in Visual Communication Design here at EWU. Not only do I enjoy being creative because its one of my favorite hobbies but I hope to inspire others to let their creative side out. Right after I graduated high school I moved to EWU in the fall, thinking I would not enjoy it, but three years later and im still here loving the little town of Cheney. I plan to graduate in 2020 if everything goes as planned.

Some valuable skills I have are being able to navigate through Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel with ease. Most of my experience with Microsoft comes from working on various projects or assignments for school.

Although I do not have very much experience with repairing technology, I have done multiple DIY’s such as re-painting a kitchen table and chairs as well as building custom benches to go with it so the set would fit in my perfectly into my apartment. I am an independent person so doing DIY’s takes me a while because I like have everything made correctly and make sure its done well. To do so, I research the best way to do something and the best products or tools to use. Doing projects like that require individuals with a good amount of patience and like to make sure that everything is done correctly, which I can bring to my team when we start our project.