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I am currently a student at Eastern Washington University, having transferred in during the fall of 2017. I am majoring in journalism with an emphasis in public relations while minoring in both technical communication and photography.

I plan to graduate early during the winter quarter of 2018 by staying in class throughout the summer of 2018.

While developing a replacement guide for iFixit, I intend to use my creative background in photography to help achieve clear and helpful photos of the replacement process. As a youth and music director for a church, my work in speech writing for specific age groups and audiences, as well as my creative work in songwriting will help me to write a guide that is clear and intuitive for the specific audience using my repair manual.

The majority of repairs I have made in my own time have been working on my family's automobiles. I have personally owned seven automobiles that have all come with mechanical and cosmetic problems that I have worked to correct before selling them.

I have also made repairs on computers and mobile devices. Most of this work involved replacing screens, upgrading hard drives, and using the special miniature tools most of these devices require.

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