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  • Rispondi a "Can move icons around on screen, but can't press any buttons"
  • Rispondi a "The initial phone opening technique is not working, adhesive too stron"
  • Rispondi a "Bad fuel mileage and rough idle"
  • Rispondi a "Black screen and loud fan!"
  • Rispondi a "Swapping parts between logic boards. IMEI related."
  • Rispondi a "No more rotation, compass, and health"
  • Rispondi a "serial number suddenly disappearing after some clean installs"
  • Rispondi a "Why am I getting periodic white lines on part or all of my screen?"
  • Rispondi a "RPM varies while driving"
  • Rispondi a "reboot error no certificate before it crashed is certificate on s.d.?"

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