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Welcome all!

I'm Nick Galardi and I am a parts tester here at iFixit. I test a variety of parts, including iPhone displays, everyday to make sure they are up to iFixit's standards. Education wise I'm studying Mechanical Engineering at Cuesta College with the purpose of transfering to Cal Poly. Go Cougs!

Vinyl! Vinyl! Vinyl!

One of my favorite (and sadly expensive) hobby is record collecting! Currently, my vinyls are spinning on an Audio Technica AT-LP60. Some of my favorite records include:


The Joshua Tree by U2

Salad Days by Mac DeMarco

Rumors by Fleetwood Mac

Mechanical Bull by Kings Of Leon

Hot Fuzz by The Killers

and many more!

Here's a link to my whole collection!


Another hobby I enjoy is paintballing! As of right now I own:

2003 WGP Prostock with a pump kit

Dangerous Power G5

Planet Eclipse Ego 9

Block Image

This was taken on my GoPro that was setup on my barrel

More Stuff

Back in high school I loved making and editing videos and sometimes still do if I remember to bring GoPro with me for footage. Here's a link to my vimeo account with the few videos I do have. Feel free to check it out!

I also love to compete in food challenges! So far I have only completed the Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin' Wing Challenge.

Block Image

My mouth was on fire!


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