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My Achievements

  • When I was 11 I found an exploit in iOS 6 then I utilized it and made iOS better the iBoot exploit was not patched until iOS 10 :)
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  • I was getting too smart for my grade, So I tested into the advance placement class and got in :)

- As an effected I had to start taking college classes :|

  • Earned enough credits to advance to 11th grade

- After discussion with my friends and family I decided to stay in my grade and now I just chill and attend my elective period

  • Made an iOS 10.0 tethered jailbreak but was to unstable to release (Reached out to Pangu for help with stabilization no one replied)

-Either way it wouldn't of been out long because main exploit was patched in 10.0.1

  • Rewrote an Galaxy phone to run Windows XP (Not a big deal lol)
  • Won 1st Place in the county science fair for creating a Device that will allow for completely wireless charging within 15 feet away from "Energy Station" (Thats what I called it during my interview because they wanted a name and it didn't have one yet)

Those are some of my Achievements

What I master in

Programming Languages

  • Objective-C (My Best One)
  • Swift
  • c++
  • HTML (I bet your like wow everyone knows that one lol)

Device Repairs

  • iPhones (Worked with all iPhone models)
  • Galaxy S4
  • Galaxy S5
  • Galaxy S6
  • Galaxy S7

(Those are the only Galaxy's I've worked on)

  • iPads (Worked with all the iPad's except the 1st Generation iPad)
  • Apple Watch (I've only replaced the 1st models LCD screens)
  • iMacs/Macbooks (Only Replaced HD's and screens)
  • Android Tablets (Only worked with the Samsung tablets)

* Surface Pros (Only worked with the surface pro 3)

  • Windows PC

Software Repairs

  • OS Re-instillation (From iOS, OSX, Windows, Andoid, ETC)
  • OS Image Repair (Only Repaired Windows image)
  • iOS Blue/Red Screens
  • iTunes Errors (53,49,4009,1671, ETC)

Software Modification

  • Jailbreaking
  • Rooting
  • Overwriting Software
  • Rewriting software
  • Bug Exploiting

Le Mie Guide

Guide che ho aiutato a tradurre

Guide Completate


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