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I have been enrolled at Eastern Washington for two and a half years now, starting off as a running start student. I have recently declared my major to Visual Communication and Design, which clearly reflects my ongoing passion for art and supports my concentration in the photography industry (which is another subject I am independently learning). I plan to graduate in about 3 years.



I don’t have extreme proficiency for repairing electronics other than trouble shooting software and rebooting systems. First off, this skill was developed through monitoring online forums and answering questions that other users had about a particular service or product. I am also familiarized with organizing information in a user friendly way. Being a part time photographer, it is a necessity to write out directions and layout the details to clients when it is time to retrieve their personalized online gallery especially when faced with a variety of customers who may not always be tech-savvy. In reference to my Technical Communication group, I believe my particular experience and knowledge will benefit our project. Since writing and categorizing is one of my strong abilities I will be more focused on contributing to the project in drafting or proofing the directions.