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My name is Aaron. I am the head technician at Synced Repairs in the Auckland store. I have always has a strong interest in gadgets from a young age and was constantly pulling things apart trying to fix them. When my first iPhone broke I took to google to try and find a DIY repair, which I did. I ordered the part online and used my electronics experience from TECH to repair my phone.

From there I started a small work from home Apple iPhone & iPad repair business, at first it was just friends and family then the network expanded through word of mouth & Facebook. When it became busy I sought to get a job in the industry and took a job at Synced Repairs.

Now as as the head technician in Auckland we get a range of devices in on a daily basis, the best part about this job is that its constantly evolving with new devices. In Auckland our primary repair is the iPhone Screen Repair followed closely buy the iPad glass repair.

Samsung devices are also popular here however we don't see the number of screen repairs as iPhones, perhaps due to the increased cost over an iPhone screen replacement.

With the release of 6s and S6 (strangely similar I know) we are seeing a much higher cost for repairs due to the increased cost of producing higher quality screens, where as a glass only replacement on a 3gs cost about $100 4 years ago, a new LCD screen & glass replacement will now set you back about $300 - $400.

I jut love gadgets and hope to answer any estranged query you may have.



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