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About Me

Wasssup! My name is Ryan Kirkpatrick. I am currently employed as a Product Photographer at iFixit. I am a 4th year Computer Science student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I began photography at a young age and have continued to pursue it my entire life. In high school I took many introductory courses in photography, photo imaging, photoshop and video film. I cannot thank my photography and video film teachers, Kendall Younglund and Mark Raines, enough for teaching me the techniques that got me to where I am today. "Crop with your feet!", "Your photo sucks!".

I love to shoot landscapes. Living in San Luis Obispo, provides me with endless vistas to seek out and Big Sur is only a short drive away! One of my favorite subjects to shoot are clouds, especially thunderclouds. I am a huge weather nerd and the fleeting nature of it makes it incredibly difficult to shoot, but when you nail that perfect shot it feels so good.

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Solana Beach, CA

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Morro Bay, CA

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Colorado River, CA

If I'm not coding or photoing then you will most likely find me cruising Highway 1

looking for waves, or getting lost in the hills of Big Sur, or walking my doge.

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yours truly, pullin in. Del Mar, CA

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