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I love apple computers! My first laptop was an iBook G3 M6497 12" which was kindly donated to me, but had some problem (Hard Drive, DVD/CD Drive, and RAM.) It was 2015 when i got my iBook! what a rare opportunity to own a vintage laptop from 2001!


Laptop: iBook G3 "Dual USB"

year: 2001

Model: PowerPC 4,1

OS X (latest): Mac OS X 10.4.11

Internet: Online with Ethernet, Includes AirPort card 802.11b

Random Access Memory (RAM): 256mb

Problems solved:

-CD-ROM (upgraded to DVD/CD-RW)

-RAM 512 (downgraded to 256mb, cheaper)

-Hard Drive (Failed 10GB HDD, upgraded to 60GB HDD)

Problems not solved

-Needs a new Logic board, Soldering problem which leads to blank screen when turned on, when placed with pressure, will turn on.

-Needs new battery, lasts <1 hour without charge