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Fun facts About Me*

*No guarantee you will actually find these facts "fun."

  • I graduated from UCLA with a degree in Classics. What's that, you ask? The study of ancient Greek and Roman language and literature. Did I study Latin? No. Did I study ancient Greek? Why, yes. I have read Plato, Homer, Thucydides (aka THE BEST/WORST), Euripides, and even the New Testament in Greek. If you get me drunk enough I'll even recite the first ten lines of the Odyssey for you.
  • I reread the Lord of the Rings trilogy + the Hobbit every year, typically in summertime.
  • I don't like bananas.
  • I can drive a stick-shift in six-inch heels.

I wear many different hats at iFixit. I started out as a QA Tester, and am now some version of Project Manager, which means that I do many things for many people. Before working at iFixit, I managed a coffee shop for a long time. My latte art skills are on point, in case you were wondering, which you probably weren't.

My hobbies include cooking, science fiction in all its forms, hiking (does anyone in SLO not list hiking among their hobbies?), knitting, learning to be a better fixer, and whatnot. What does the whatnot include? Well wouldn't you like to know.


"Rachel Peterson is a joy to complain to. She handles concerns with a refreshing gravity that makes a person feel heard and understood. Also her makeup is always on point."

—Sam Lionheart

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