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iFixit Toolkits
Think outside your toolbox.
Find your new everyday toolkit for precision repair, backed by our Lifetime Warranty.
Kit Strumenti Pro Tech
Loaded with our 64-bit kit and most popular opening tools, you’ll have a hard time finding a phone, laptop, or game console you can’t open with our best-selling kit.
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Kit cacciaviti Manta
From the pesky pentalobe to the common flathead, the Manta Driver Kit has 112 bits and two drivers in a full range of sizes—so you'll be ready for a full range of repairs.
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Essential Electronics Toolkit
The gateway kit to electronics repair. Start small with the 16 most necessary bits and opening tools you need to fix phones, laptops, and small household items.
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Kit Professionale Strumenti Riparazione
Call it our “Pro” Pro Tech Toolkit. If you’re serious about fixing, buy our Pro Tech Toolkit, Marlin Screwdriver Set, diagnostic tools, and more together and save big.
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Kit cacciaviti Mahi
Bigger 1/4" bits and a beefier driver for PC building, bikes, basic car maintenance, furniture, and even your other tools.
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Kit cacciaviti Mako
All of the precision steel bits, the 4mm driver, and the flexible extension you need to service modern devices, and nothing that you don’t.
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