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We're just some folks with repair on our minds...

  • Reputazione 2,8m
  • 128 Membri


The real Professionals. I thought it is only fair to create a team for those that are more mature with decades of experience. Somewhere in the over 50's range.

  • Reputazione 1,6m
  • 8 Membri

Master Techs

Working to save the public money and time.

  • Reputazione 1,2m
  • 294 Membri

iFixit EU Team

The European side of iFixit: Same same only different ;)

  • Reputazione 449,8k
  • 50 Membri


For most active members of ifixit with over 2k reputation

  • Reputazione 377,8k
  • 13 Membri

Guide Team

iFixit's in-house team of technical writers and guide creators.

  • Reputazione 283,5k
  • 6 Membri

Android Alliance

A group of like minded fan boys/girls dedicated to creating and maintaining repair guides and device pages for the vast array of Android devices. It's time...

  • Reputazione 212,8k
  • 79 Membri

THD Admins

Administrators for THD-iFixit integration.

  • Reputazione 197,4k
  • 4 Membri

EU content Team

The content team at iFixit Europe. This is the highly professional tech writing team based in the EU. Experienced not only in Arts and Design but also in...

  • Reputazione 150,4k
  • 3 Membri

Informative Technologies Inc.

Students from Charlotte, NC areas schools and colleges working to make it easy for anyone to revive PCs

  • Reputazione 145,3k
  • 21 Membri

Community Protectors

For those who monitor and enforce the rules.

  • Reputazione 116,7k
  • 11 Membri

Kid fixers

Members of iFixit under 21.

  • Reputazione 74k
  • 114 Membri


Anyone who isn't already on a team (or if you are switch if you want), join this team.

  • Reputazione 34,4k
  • 77 Membri


Not fanboys! Just fanatical about all things Apple. Lovers of well executed design aesthetics and a well planned and intuitive interface! A positive and...

  • Reputazione 33,9k
  • 40 Membri

Restart Project

The Restart Project is a London-based social enterprise that encourages and empowers people to use their electronics longer, by sharing repair and...

  • Reputazione 33,2k
  • 8 Membri

Apple fan boys

We LOVE everything Apple. R.I.P. Steve Jobs

  • Reputazione 31,8k
  • 45 Membri

Chinese Translation Team

All ifixit fan in China are welcome to join in this team, to help ifixit to translate. 欢迎所有在中国的ifixit粉丝加入我们的团队,来帮助ifixit翻译。

  • Reputazione 23,5k
  • 14 Membri

Motorola Team

Motorola Mobility Support Team

  • Reputazione 16,9k
  • 1 Membri

The Home Depot

  • Reputazione 11,4k
  • 4,1k Membri

Everything iPod

This is a team for those strictly interested in everything iPod; ways to use iPods, fix iPods, modify iPods, and know just about all there is to know about...

  • Reputazione 10,9k
  • 61 Membri

Leroy Merlin

Equipe de réparateurs fan de Leroy Merlin

  • Reputazione 9,9k
  • 34 Membri

Apple Service Centre

We are a family run team and have a passion for repairing apple products.

  • Reputazione 9,8k
  • 35 Membri

Philadelphia Fixers

Anyone who lives in Philadelphia and fixes stuff.

  • Reputazione 8,7k
  • 7 Membri

The Restart Project

The Restart Project is a London-based social enterprise that encourages and empowers people to use their electronics longer, by sharing repair and...

  • Reputazione 8,6k
  • 2 Membri


Cette équipe est créé pour tous les réparateurs francophones.

  • Reputazione 7,2k
  • 12 Membri

Ru Translators iFixit

Team of translators to russian language.

  • Reputazione 6,4k
  • 11 Membri

Chromebook Cowboys

Using chromebooks in ways the manufacturer never envisioned.

  • Reputazione 6,3k
  • 1 Membri


Das ist das Team der Vaude Redakteure

  • Reputazione 5,7k
  • 3 Membri

iFixit Swol Bros

iFixit Swol Bros is a group for iFixit employees who enjoy life's simple pleasures. Like getting huge.

  • Reputazione 4,5k
  • 2 Membri


Students in the Real-Time Water Systems Lab at the University of Michigan.

  • Reputazione 4,4k
  • 16 Membri


i 修 | iPhone 维修

  • Reputazione 4,2k
  • 5 Membri

Amateur Radio Operators / Hobbiests

Licensed Amateur Radio Operators whom are also hobbiest and are repairing anything. Let us know who you are and your call sign. 73 Tim - K3TEG

  • Reputazione 4,1k
  • 3 Membri

Vegas Room H9

Cambridge High School Junior/Senior English class, Spring 2018.

  • Reputazione 3,8k
  • 13 Membri


Cellphone repairs computer repairs

  • Reputazione 3,6k
  • 1 Membri

For Apple

If you need help with your IPad, or any apple device for that matter, whether it be how to screenshot or how to fix something, WE'RE ON IT!

  • Reputazione 3,4k
  • 2 Membri

Apple tech

Anyone who loves Apple products can join.

  • Reputazione 3,4k
  • 1 Membri


Members of iFixit that live in Oregon.

  • Reputazione 3,4k
  • 1 Membri

i.Fixit FR Team

Communauté iFixit française.

  • Reputazione 3,3k
  • 2 Membri

Memory system

A duo team from two Spanish students trying to help everyone.

  • Reputazione 3,3k
  • 2 Membri

Minnesota Repair Techs

Minnesota based technicians. This group is designed for those living in MN doing repairs as a business or consumer.

  • Reputazione 1,9k
  • 3 Membri