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Cal Poly, Team 7-49, Forte Fall 2012

Team Studente

Team Tag: CPSU-FORTE-F12S7G49

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Guide Image

Raleigh M20 Chain Guard Replacement

In this guide, you will be instructed in how to disassemble the chain guard...

Guide Image

Raleigh M20 Seat Cushion Replacement

This guide allow the user to easily replace a seat cushion in only four steps.

Guide Image

Raleigh M20 Pedal Removal

By the end of this guide one should be able to replace old or broken bicycle...

Guide Image

Raleigh M20 Bicycle Rear Rack Replacement

This guide will show you how to install a rear rack on a bicycle.

Guide Image

Raleigh M20 Handlebars Replacement

This guide will show you how to replace a broken pair of handlebars.