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Cal Poly, Team 2-8, Propen Fall 2012

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Tag del Team: CPSU-PROPEN-F12S2G8

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Disassembling Rival 16131 Toaster Shell

This guide will show you how to open the toaster, including taking the cover...

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How to empty and clean Rival 16131 Toaster crumb tray

This guide will walk you through opening and removing the crumb tray.

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Rival 16131 Toaster bread grabber spring replacement

This guide will detail how to fix the springs that keep the bread vertical.

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How to Rival 16131 Toaster

Maintaining the spring attached to the lever will remove debris that is...

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Rival 16131 Toaster Bread Shelf Replacement

This guide will inform you how to fix your bread shelf if it keeps getting...

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Rival 16131 Toaster Power Wire Repair

This guide will show the points where the wire connects to the circuit board.