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USF Tampa, Team S16-G2, Boczar Spring 2018

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Tag del Team: USFT-BOCZAR-S18S16G2

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DBPOWER T20 Disassembly

Disassembly for the DBPOWER T20 is easy. Follow this basic guide to be able...

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DBPOWER T20 Lens Replacement

If the lens of your DBPOWER T20 projector is broken or scratched it can be...

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DBPOWER T20 Speaker Replacement

This guide will demonstrate how to remove the internal components to expose...

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DBPOWER T20 Fan Replacement

Easy step by step guide to replace the DBPOWER T20 projector's internal fan....

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DBPOWER T20 Lamp Replacement

If you are noticing bad image quality you may need to replace the lamp. This...