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Eastern Washington University, Team S1-G3, Ramos Winter 2018

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Team Eagle-Copter consists of Mohammed, Anna, Jill, and Tri. Our team has multiple skills that we are bringing to this project. Mohammed is in his second year at EWU and has selected Electrical Engineering as his major. He claims that his Dad instilled in him a passion for analyzing and fixing electronics which he feels will be a great help to this team and project. Anna is also an Electrical Engineering major and is in her third year at EWU. Anna loves a challenge because it allows her to use her creative and organized side to help find solutions. Jill is a transfer student from Idaho State University and has started her third year of schooling just recently at EWU. Jill's skills lie in the organizing, analyzing, and formatting side of things which will do her well in her chosen double major of English Literature and Technical Communication. Last but not least is Tri who decided to join the family business of Electrical Engineering. Tri is a second year Electrical Engineering major who loves gaming, taking things apart, and making sure that when they're put back together they run like new.