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University of North Texas, Team S1-G1, Thompson Fall 2017

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Nokia 6230b KeyPad Replacement

This guide will help you replace the keypad of a Nokia 6230b.

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Lenovo G70-80 CD Drive Replacement

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HP Envy Touchsmart m6-k125dx Back Panel Replacement

Remove the back panel of the HP Envy Touchsmart m6-k125dx to reach its inside...

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HP Envy Touchsmart m6-k125dx Hard Drive Replacement

Replace your Hard Drive in order to increase your data storage.

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HP Envy Touchsmart m6-k125dx RAM Replacement

Use this guide to replace your RAM for a memory upgrade.

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HP Envy Touchsmart m6-k125dx Cooling Fan Replacement

To replace your cooling fan follow these instructions