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Texas Tech, Team S1-G4, Rauch Summer 2017

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Jazz HDV178 Camcorder Battery Replacement

Remove the battery to replace it or to access other parts.

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Disassembling Jazz HDV178 Camcorder Take off Back Cover

The first step to fixing your device.

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Jazz HDV178 Camcorder Lens Replacement

If for some reason your camcorder will not zoom in or out, you might want to...

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HP Photosmart D110a Power Button Replacement

If your power button is malfunctioning, this guide will explain possible ways...

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Samsung Instinct Battery Replacement

This guide will show how to replace the battery in a Samsung Instinct.

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Samsung Instinct Back Case Replacement

This guide will show how to remove the back case of the Samsung Instinct.

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How to Downsize Jeans Without Sewing

This guide will teach you how to downsize the waistband of a pair of jeans...