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Cal Poly, Team 27-92, Amido Spring 2010

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Tag del Team: CPSU-AMIDO-S10S27G92

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Disassembling Onkyo TX-800 Top case

Use this guide to remove the top case of the...

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Adjusting Right/Left Speaker Balance

Get familiar with the Volume Balance knob to...

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Disassembling Onkyo TX-800 Face plate

Use this guide to separate the face plate from...

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Onkyo TX-800 Power fuse Replacement

Replace the power fuse for the Onkyo TX800...

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How to deoxidize Onkyo TX-800 circuits

Metals used in circuits can react with oxygen....

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Disassembling Onkyo TX-800 Logic board

Separating the logic board from the face plate.

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Onkyo TX-800 Button Pins Repair

Use this guide to fix your button pins if they...