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Eastern Washington University, Team 2-1, Andersen Winter 2016

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There are four members in our team: Abigail Buckenberger, Rose Martynenko, Natalya Semenko, and Grace Wahlman. Abigail is a VCD major at EWU, she is transferred from UPS this year. Also, Abigail is studying studio art/animation. Abigail has good skills that she could contribute to the project, some of them are organization/creativity/problem-solving/design & layout skills. Grace is a freshman at Eastern Washington University. She is majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Technical Communication. Grace is good in writing. Rose is also on VCD major, and her minor is computer science. And some good skills she has are organization and writing. Natalya is majoring in Visual Communication design, and her minor is 3D Animation. Some skills she can contribute to the group are time management, organization, and self-motivation, photography and drawing.