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Oops--but I still have hope

Kathleen Dodge-DeHaven -

iPad Air Wi-Fi

iPad Air Wi-Fi LCD Replacement

iPad Air Wi-Fi LCD Replacement

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Il Mio Problema

I needed to replace a battery in an old iPad4, and the cracked front glass, LCD, and battery of an iPad Air.

La Mia Riparazione

My problem came when learning to remove the ribbon cables from the iPad 4. I accidentally messed up a connector. I see now why people say it's easier to replace the battery on the iPhone than on the iPad! Fortunately, it was the iPad4 that I goofed on; I saved the iPad Air for after I either succeeded or failed on the iPad 4. Sigh, I ordered a new part, and I'm determined to get it right next time.

Il Mio Consiglio

I have no formal experience with electronics, so all I can say is to give it a try, but make sure that if you ruin your device, you have a backup waiting in the wings.

Immagine iPad Air LCD
iPad Air LCD


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