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iPhone battery draining fast. Horrible performance.

Ahmed Elmasry -

iPhone 6s Plus

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iPhone 6s Plus Battery Replacement

30 minuti


Il Mio Problema

For more questions just message me on Instagram @headphaniepapi . Hey guys, my name is Youssef. I’m an Army veteran, and I’m a college student at TCU. I use my phone on a daily basis for my college email and many different things such as PDF, Excel, Word, scanner, etc. I can go on and on forever. I play the radio every morning here in the DFW area, and heard that Apple is trying to slow down older model phones so we are forced to upgrade. It honestly seemed about right, my phone does not last a freakin day, not even 5 hours. I get up from bed and my phone is dead around noon. I decided to look for a battery and this website (iFixit) showed up right before eBay. To be honest I clicked on eBay LOL. But then I decided it would be nice to invest in my phone so I clicked on iFixit. Battery turned out to be on sale, as Apple apologized for what people thought they did. I ordered the battery and it came in the same day they listed it would. I’m not a phone expert but it was SO easy changing the battery. They provided a box for the battery and another box FULL of tools, some you won’t even use but they just sent it all! My phone was missing one bottom screw AND THE FREAKING SCREWS WERE INCLUDED AS WELL!!! I’m using my iPhone right now! I swear to GOD I did not charge my phone today. I woke up at 7am, and at this moment I’m typing this at 7:36pm and my phone is at 27%!! The battery works great! Instructions included! Follow up via email is included, it’s crazy all they try to do to help. And for that reason I’m recommending them to anyone who is trying to save money and want to follow an instruction video instead. Follow the tips I left as well, it’ll save you time and make your life easier.

La Mia Riparazione

Good if you like taking crap apart just to put it back together.

Il Mio Consiglio

1. Follow video instructions on how to replace the battery. The video is located on the same page you purchased the battery.

2. If the battery is stuck to the phone frame, remove the screen completely, put on leather gloves, clamp on the battery with a pair of pliers, and pull it off the phone as it is GLUED to the phone. You will receive a paper with 3 stripes on it (this is the glue for the new battery) and is applied same way as a screen protector.

—If the Apple logo fall off the phone when you take out the battery, make sure it’s placed correctly before you place the glue strips.—

3. After you remove the screen completely, scrape off the old gasket, which is like a piece of rubber kinda around the edges of the phone where the screen sits. After you scrape it off, then you can apply the new gasket which is a thin piece of rubber they sent and it looks as a outline of the phone.

4. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN screws. Just make sure they’re snug.

Immagine iPhone 6s Plus Battery
iPhone 6s Plus Battery


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