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Problem resetting windows 10 laptop

Padraic Hoselton -

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Il Mio Problema

I was giving my grandpa my laptop and I wanted to reset so he could use it. But while it was resetting it ran into a problem that said: couldn’t remove all personal files. So I tried resetting it a couple times and it kept running into that problem. I even looked up how to fix this but there was no solution to this.

La Mia Riparazione

So I also looked up how to make a bootable windows 10 install usb. So I searched on google “windows 10 iso download” and you need a 8gb usb stick and a windows 7 and up to run the setup that downloads and makes the usb bootable. Then after that’s done I plugged it in to my laptop and booted up in it and then started installing windows. I didn’t need my windows key because my laptop has a digital license key. After windows was installed it was perfect and everything was working great.

Il Mio Consiglio

My advice is to not get angry at your stupid computer that’s not working, it doesn’t help one bit.

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