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Surface 1st gen motherboard replacement

Paul Robson -

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I'll keep this short cos the guide is pretty good and if you have worked on mobile tech before its pretty straightforward to do.

2 points to note however - getting the back off is 10 times harder than removing the old motherboard. Now this bit is really important as the YouTube video for this bit caused me to damage the battery connector on the old motherboard!! To release the battery connector firstly pop off the headphone jack and volume button flex connector - then and only then can you get in safely to release the battery flex connector. I tried to get in behind the headphone connector and lifted the back and battery too high and snapped the entire connection for the battery off the motherboard!!

Il Mio Consiglio

Pop the headphone jack connector off first then pry up the battery ribbon cable clasp.

Immagine Microsoft Surface RT (1st Gen) Motherboard
Microsoft Surface RT (1st Gen) Motherboard


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