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Oh no I didn't!!!

Jim Tucker -

Il Mio Problema

I bought a used iPhone 6 Plus. The screen was shattered and the owner had broken three screens in a row becoming duscusted with it. Good for me because I got the phone very cheap. But while replacing the broken screen the home button flex cable simply would not come unplugged! Inevitably I tore it getting it separated. Luckily it was the upper side and I didn't lose fingerprint capability.

La Mia Riparazione

I ordered the part (the LCD shield plate with sticker and home button flex cable) and received it earlier than the expected delivery date. The part fit perfectly! A very easy repair. I was well pleased.

Il Mio Consiglio

I had been using another source for my phone parts but discovered Ifixit has parts AND assemblies! You don't have to do the tedious small work that takes so much time. Just order the assembly for a little more money and you will save in the long run. Thanks Ifixit!

Immagine iPhone 6 Plus LCD Shield Plate
iPhone 6 Plus LCD Shield Plate


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