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Scary moments

yeejc1 -

Il Mio Problema

Upgrading a 2014 Mac mini to SSD

La Mia Riparazione

Went fairly smoothly after watching several videos many times, i gathered the courage to upgrade a hard drive that was going very slow. Overall, it went well with very minor bumps along the way (clip popped out etc...).

Il Mio Consiglio

You will never know unless you do. Having the correct tools also mitigates screwing up.

Immagine Spudger


Immagine Mac mini Logic Board Removal Tool
Mac mini Logic Board Removal Tool


Immagine TR6 Torx Security Screwdriver
TR6 Torx Security Screwdriver


Immagine TR9 Torx Security Screwdriver
TR9 Torx Security Screwdriver


Immagine iFixit Opening Tool
iFixit Opening Tool


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