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First Time!

jrshaver -

iPhone 4 Verizon

iPhone 4 (CDMA/Verizon) Screen Replacement

iPhone 4 (CDMA/Verizon) Screen Replacement

1 - 3 ore


Il Mio Problema

Well to start off, when I received my parts the 5s lighting connector and the 6 display assembly looked good, were sealed and looked like new parts should, but the iPhone 4 display assembly didn't looked like a used part, with what looked like a make shift screen protector on it, and upon further inspection, there was a fine diagonal scratch across the upper right corner, which i almost sent it back, but wanted to get started on my repairs and i guess this really should have went in the "How'd it go?" section but any! The reason I'm fixing it, is our company has over 300 Apple devices, and here in Casper Wyoming the only Apple repair shop stopped doing phone repairs, I work in the IT Dept,as an Administrator, more or less that handles/manages the Verizon account. So I thought what a better time to add something else to my skill set!

La Mia Riparazione

All the repairs went fairly well, and I imagine took longer than most people, because I wanted to be sure that i got it right the first time, but of course it all "attention to details" when it comes to repairing any device, and do I mean the "little" ones! lol There was a couple of times when I totally got the device reassembled only to discover that I laid the logic board on top on the rear facing camera connection! :) I think one of the biggest obstacles when doing repairs for me is outside distractions. Working in an environment where there is or where you have more than 2 or 3 things going at once, can be a bit of a extra challenge!

Il Mio Consiglio

My advice is, if you are just starting out like I am, watch the breakdown guides a couple of times before you start your repair, have the right tool/tools for the job, take your time, especially when it comes to disconnecting connections where you can easily damage it, i.e. antennas! Oh well on to "Micro-soldering" Yeah Baby!!! :)

Immagine iPhone 5s Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack
iPhone 5s Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack


Immagine Repair Business Toolkit
Repair Business Toolkit


Immagine iPhone 4 (CDMA/Verizon) Screen
iPhone 4 (CDMA/Verizon) Screen


Immagine iPhone 6 LCD and Digitizer
iPhone 6 LCD and Digitizer


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