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progress didn't stop 30 years ago

rtwk72 -

Il Mio Problema

Accidentally our iPod classic fell unto the floor and consequently the harddisc was broken. The best solution seemed to be a replacement of the drive with a CF-card. If there is any pride, you go for it on your own and fix it.

La Mia Riparazione

To start the opening process I found it easier to use a kitchen knife instead of the plastic opening tool. Afterwards opening the iPod with the proper tools was very easy thanks to your thorough and clear instructions. I didn't think it would be necessary but I actually needed all recommended tools. It's been the first time for many years that I felt the need to take an electronic device radically apart like this.

Il Mio Consiglio

Everything worked out nicely until.... I saw the power cable and was meant to move the lid 1-2 mm. However I had a very strong image in mind of the good old jumper-switches. Remember the ones from the 80s? So I torn out the whole jacket leaving me with lots of little pins flying around. Quite exciting. In order to understand - if at all - what possibly could have gone wrong, I followed the instructions for the other cables and realized how delicate my actions should have been applied. It occured to me progress didn't stop 30 years ago.

Actually I'm looking on the internet for another iPod classic with a broken harddisc and it seems it happens quite often.

Thanks folks! You've got the grumpy old guy out of the woods - willingly hunting for more experience. Hope you all have a little fun with my story.

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Metal Spudger


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iFixit Opening Tool


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