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Ready for it to break

snakepit028 -

Il Mio Problema

I thought I had a crack on the screen of my I-phone 4s, so I order a new screen and battery and I started taking it apart I broke one of the screws so I put it back together and ordered a complete set of screws for it. I got everything and I went to take it apart and when I took off the screen plastic cover I discovered that the screen was fine only the plastic and a scratch in it. So now I have everything I need to repair it if I ever get a cracked screen

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look closely first

Immagine iPhone 4S Screw Set
iPhone 4S Screw Set


Immagine Head Magnifier
Head Magnifier


Immagine ScrewMat Collection
ScrewMat Collection


Immagine Tesa 61395 Tape
Tesa 61395 Tape


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