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My first apple laptop, with problems that was fixed by me!

Daniel Cerritos -

iBook G3 14"

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iBook G3 14" Optical Drive Replacement

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Il Mio Problema

It's 2015, I am a high school student, it started when I needed a MacBook, then to a MacBook Air, then I decided that any apple laptop (that can run Mac OS X) would work. I asked EVERYONE, and a substitute teacher told me he had this iBook G4 (in reality it was an iBook G3) I got very excited! It was donated to me as he told me he wouldn't use it anymore. It was Thursday the day before April vacation (last week of April In New Hampshire school districts) and I got my laptop, but he told me that I couldn't boot up, and the optical drive wouldn't work, so it was actually true that it would take forever to boot up (on rare occasions it did boot up!) but during vacation, sadly the hard drive failed (it was a 10GB Hard drive) I then decided to fix this iBook G3 and bought a 60GB Hard drive(Amazon) I also got the LAST DVD/CD-RW optical drive and some 256mb of ram (both from iFixit the ram had lots in stock) and it was on Thursday May 7,2015 I got the parts! I started to open it up (it was my first time repairing a computer!) and there it was, the Hard Drive, The optical Drive and the random access memory. I first repaired the hard drive (it was easy!) then the optical drive (it was also straight forward!) and lastly the ram (too easy) and I replaced everything where they belonged (one screw went missing but still works, R.I.P that one screw, you will be missed) I then for the first time booted it up, and as you know, it's a new Hard Drive, so there is no OS in it, but it's now functioning as new! I was excited to repair this oldie. I wouldn't have done it without iFixit, my Mom (donating money) and a friend (also donated money) for helping me fix this vintage 2003 iBook G3! This is my story of my FIRST Experience fixing a computer! I do have photos but I can't upload them from my iPhone, sorry.

La Mia Riparazione

I fixed the Hard drive, the ram, and the optical drive. Only took 10 minutes it was a breeze! I need a challenging computer it was too easy.

UPDATE: replaced display with new a new one!

Il Mio Consiglio

When I removed the Top frame (where the keyboard, stereo speakers, and power button reside) I saw that it wasn't necessary to remove the top frame, just remove the cable for the touchpad and lay the frame on the screen and you've got everything in front of you (unless you have those metal stuff on top of everything then remove the top frame all together)

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