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Third time's a charm

joshmotroni -

Il Mio Problema

So, my friend had a cracked iPhone 5c, and I ordered the basic screen replacement kit. When I got to the point of removing the front camera and sensor cable from the old one, I apparently didn't hold my heat gun on it long enough, because the presence sensor didn't come out with the ribbon cable. I ordered a replacement cable from eBay, but when I put that in, the front camera and earpiece no longer worked, as well as the presence sensor. At this point, I went and ordered the replacement cable from iFixit.

La Mia Riparazione

It went pretty smoothly, until I had to reattach the ribbon cable to the mainboard; for some reason, it just wouldn't line-up properly. I had to have my friend hole the screen while I used both hands to move the cable into place, a process that took just as long as the rest of the repair. But once I got it in place, it worked perfectly.

Il Mio Consiglio

The original part had a small piece of foam on the back of the mainboard connector, making it easier to line it up. Maybe you could include that in your replacement parts?

Immagine iPhone 5c Front Camera and Sensor Cable
iPhone 5c Front Camera and Sensor Cable


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