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Found issues with Mac Repair store

jamesm5807 -

MacBook Core Duo

MacBook Core Duo Upper Case Replacement

MacBook Core Duo Upper Case Replacement

10 - 20 minuti


Il Mio Problema

Right and Left arrow keys stopped working

The actuator key below the track pad was sticking.

The bezel was cosmetic .

Mac Store wanted almost $400.00 to do the Fix

La Mia Riparazione

When I removed the screws with Fixit instructions The some of the screws were in the wrong holes. this unit had been fixed at a

"mac "repair shop. The screws are in the proper place now.

I used the plastic bag method to tear it down. Placed screws in a small plastic bag and numbered them to match the step in the instructions. Made reassembly real easy.

I had to use a "C" clamp and two blocks of wood to compress the

case and the keypad together to get the the three screws in the battery case in. Your screwdriver is toooo long.

I made one 60mm that is just the right size. Try it!!!!

The replacement worked perfectly, i am still getting used to the

"F" key flacement.

I guessed the tape on the Bezel was to hold in place. After the dry

fit and some minor adjustments i stuck it together and all fit.

Il Mio Consiglio

Go buy a can of Compressed air first.

Get a 10mm paint brush. Clean the cracks and crevices.

Get a small scotchbright pad to clean the contacts on the case.

The Bezel can be changed without removing the screen from the case. I had to file the edges of the bottom inserts to get them in the frame. (Too much grime.)

Immagine Spudger


Immagine Plastic Cards
Plastic Cards


Immagine MacBook Front Display Bezel
MacBook Front Display Bezel


Immagine MacBook Santa Rosa/Penryn Upper Case with Keyboard
MacBook Santa Rosa/Penryn Upper Case with Keyboard


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