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Journey to the Center of the iphone.

JoryB -

Il Mio Problema

Friend's iphone was damaged during a drop. The front and back panels were so badly shattered, the camera was literally falling out of the casing.

La Mia Riparazione

The repair went very well save for a few hiccups. I actually began to sweat about halfway through the reassembly.

First problem I encountered was getting the battery out. I had to pry pretty hard. When it finally broke free from it's taped prison, I realized I had been prying against the connectors on the bottom of the battery. Fortunately, no damage was done.

Second challenge was getting the broken front display off. Since the glass was badly shattered when I tried to pry off the front, chunks of glass came free. I ended up using a spudger to peal up the adhesive between the display and the frame. This pretty much took care of most of the glass shards.

Third challenge was getting the logic board back in. For some reason, I just could not get it to lay flat. after some fiddling with the speaker and 20mins of patients, I got everything screwed in just right.


Il Mio Consiglio

The front display has adhesive on both the top and bottom. I used a piece of tape on the front of the phone to pull the display up enough to get my spudger in there. Suction cup would not work due to all the broken glass.

POST IT NOTES are your friends. I had a post it note for each step that involved screws and labeled them accordingly. This is a must and will make reassembly much easier.

If the front display has trouble laying flat, check to see if the display has an extra plastic piece to go around the camera attached.

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