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Replacement parts for your iPhone XR model to fix your broken phone!

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iPhone XR Front Camera Assembly
iPhone XR Front Camera Assembly

Replace a malfunctioning front-facing camera assembly and restore selfie camera functions.

29,99 USD
iPhone XR Interconnect Cable
iPhone XR Interconnect Cable

Replace a damaged or corroded lower end interconnect cable.

9,99 USD
iPhone XR Lightning Connector Assembly / Black
iPhone XR Lightning Connector Assembly

Replace a lightning connector and two microphones compatible with the iPhone XR. Part #821-01702. Includes the flex cable, logic board connector, lightning connector sock...

29,99 USD
iPhone XR Loudspeaker
iPhone XR Loudspeaker

Replace a loudspeaker compatible with the iPhone XR. Fix speakerphone and audio output.

17,99 USD
iPhone XR Rear Camera
iPhone XR Rear Camera

Replace a dual 12 MP rear-facing camera assembly compatible with the iPhone XR. Fix focusing or sensor issues.

84,99 USD
iPhone XR Screen / Fix Kit / New
iPhone XR Screen

Replace a screen compatible with iPhone XR. Includes all of the small parts pre-installed in the assembly, saving time and increasing the quality of your repair. 6.1 inch...

Da 94,99 USD
iPhone XR Single SIM Card Slot/Reader
iPhone XR Single SIM Card Slot/Reader

Replace a dirty, corroded, or bent SIM card tray socket and card reader for a single SIM model iPhone XR.

6,99 USD
iPhone XR Single SIM Card Tray / Black
iPhone XR Single SIM Card Tray

Replace a bent or missing single SIM card tray for an iPhone XR. This tray holds the nano SIM card and is inserted on the side of the phone.

9,99 USD
iPhone XR Test Cable for LCD and Digitizer / Single Short Cable
iPhone XR Test Cable for LCD and Digitizer

This test cable simplifies connecting and testing LCD displays and digitizers.

12,99 USD
iPhone XR Vibrator / New
iPhone XR Vibrator

Fix problems with vibration alerts and haptic feedback by replacing a malfunctioning linear oscillator motor.

28,99 USD
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The iPhone XR (alongside the XS and XS Max) was formally announced by Apple on September 12, 2018. New features include a new 6.1-inch LCD display, an updated A12 Bionic SoC with industry-leading 7nm production process and a next-generation Neural Engine, an updated camera featuring Smart HDR, and improved Portrait Mode with advanced bokeh and depth control.

Most iPhone XR repairs are made to replace cracked screens and swap out dead batteries. iFixit has high quality parts for iPhone XR screen replacements and iPhone XR battery replacements.

The iPhone XR requires a Pentalobe P2 to open and a Y000 for most internal repairs.

Once you've bought your parts and tools, check out iFixit's iPhone XR repair guides for step-by-step instructions on how to make the fix.

The iPhone XR earned a 6 out of 10 in iFixit’s repairability assessment. Watch the Teardown Review for more: