Fume Extraction System Hakko FA430

  • Fume Extraction System Hakko FA430
  • Fume Extraction System Hakko FA430 / Base unit only
Fume Extraction System Hakko FA430

577,99 USD

577,99 USD

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If you are purchasing the FA-430 base unit and aren't connecting it to an existing hood, you'll also want a Duct Kit or Loc-Line Kit

The Hakko FA-430 fume extraction unit is designed expressly for use at soldering stations, extracting the contaminated air directly at the source.

Contaminated air is captured from the workplace surrounding the soldering station by the hood or hoods, and transferred to the FA-430 unit by rigid ducts, and a special replacement filter notification function notifies the operator when the filter needs to be replaced.

Inside the unit, two filters, comprising three stages of filtering, remove the contaminants from the air. The purified air is then returned to the area where the FA-430 is located.

The pre-filter removes coarse particles, such as dust, thus extending the life of the main filter. The main filter provides the greatest amount of surface area within the volume of the filter case.

The standard filters contain an activated carbon element built into the filter. This filter is designed to last the life of the main filter.

• Powerful suction

• Quiet operation

• 3-airflow adjustment modes: High, Medium, Low

• To maintain optimum filtering efficiency, special filter replacement indicators on the front panel notify you when it is time to replace the filters.

Made in Japan

Available for shipment only to the USA due to voltage requirements.