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ChipQuik SMD4.5 Solder Alloy

  • ChipQuik SMD4.5 Solder Alloy
ChipQuik SMD4.5 Solder Alloy

32,99 USD

32,99 USD

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Easily remove SMD parts with Chip Quik® removal alloy

Reduce heat and reduce damage to circuit boards and SMD parts during removal. Low melting point of 58°C (136°F)

Use with SMD291 flux

(With solder iron or warm air bath)

- Apply flux to all leads.

- Melt CHIP QUIK® uniformly on all pins.

- Maintain alloy in molten state long enough to release chip.

- Lift chip from board with dental pick or vacuum pen.


- While molten, use cotton swab and flux to move excess to an unused section of board.

- While applying heat, polish each pad with a swab and flux until thoroughly clean.

- At room temperature, clean residue with alcohol pad.

- You are now ready to install the new chip.

4.5 ft of Chip Quik® material, removes up to 2700 SMD pins.


  • Length: 4.5 feet (8x 6.5" lengths)
  • Melting Point: 58°C (136°F)