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LG Nexus Phone Parts

We’ve got all the parts and tools to get your LG Nexus smartphone working again. Grab a fix kit to repair a broken screen or dead battery in your smartphone today.

iFixit has you covered with parts, tools, and free repair guides. Repair with confidence! All of our replacement parts are tested to rigorous standards and backed by our industry-leading warranty.

Nexus 5X Battery / Fix Kit
Nexus 5X Battery

Replace a 2620 mAh battery compatible with the LG Nexus 5X LG-H790 and LG-H791 model smartphones. 10.3 Watt Hours (Wh). 3.8 Volts (V).

Da 19,99 USD
Nexus 5 Battery / New / Fix Kit
Nexus 5 Battery

Replace a 2300 mAh battery compatible with the LG Google Nexus 5 LG-D820 and LG-D821 models. Battery #BL-T9. 8.74 Watt Hours (Wh). 3.8 Volts (V).

Da 19,99 USD
Nexus 5 Internal Button Switch
Nexus 5 Internal Button Switch

Replace one of three internal button switches (for power and volume) on the motherboard of a Nexus 5. This part requires micro soldering.

4,99 USD
Nexus 5X Rear Panel / Blue / A-Stock
Nexus 5X Rear Panel

Replace the rear plastic panel for the Google Nexus 5X manufactured by LG.

6,99 USD
Nexus 4 (GSM) Volume Button
Nexus 4 (GSM) Volume Button

Replace the external volume control button for the GSM model LG Google Nexus 4.

4,99 USD
Nexus 5 Earpiece Speaker / New
Nexus 5 Earpiece Speaker

Replace an earpiece speaker compatible with the Google Nexus 5 model #LG-D820, LG-D821. Fix problems with phone call audio.

11,99 USD
Nexus 5X (LG-H790) Motherboard / 32 GB
Nexus 5X (LG-H790) Motherboard

Replace a damaged, corroded, or malfunctioning motherboard for your LG-H790 model Google Nexus 5X with this part. This is a used OEM part.

Da 99,99 USD
Nexus 4 (GSM) Screen
Nexus 4 (GSM) Screen

Replace a front glass digitizer screen compatible with the GSM model E960 LG Google Nexus 4. Features a 4.7 inch 1280 x 768 IPS touchscreen display. Includes the front be...

Da 19,99 USD
Nexus 5 SIM Card Tray / New
Nexus 5 SIM Card Tray

This part is the SIM card tray for the LG-D820 model Nexus 5.

Da 5,99 USD
Nexus 5X Rear Camera
Nexus 5X Rear Camera

Replace a rear-facing camera and flex cable assembly compatible with the Google Nexus 5X smartphone manufactured by LG. Fix focusing or sensor issues.

12,99 USD
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