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While the iBook G4 looks similar to its G3 predecessor, some key upgrades lurk within its interior. A slot-loading optical drive replaced the tray-loading drive of the G3. Apple's iBook G4 also adds Airport Extreme and Bluetooth capability.

Even better, iBook G4 upgrades can be performed yourself! One RAM slot allows an easy speed boost with a RAM chip swap. A larger-capacity 9.5mm ATA hard drive will provide a simple storage upgrade and you can install our G4 8x SuperDrive to add DVD burning capability to your iBook G4. A 45-watt G4 AC adapter will provide a plethora of power for your machine to keep it running strong.

Can't figure out what went wrong in your broken iBook G4? Look to our troubleshooting guides (iBook G4 12" or iBook G4 14") for assistance. Common problems with these notebooks include inverter/display cable issues, case cracks, and DC-in board failure. If you need a part to repair your laptop, we offer it in our store!