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MacBook 13" Mid 2009 Parts

Grab a toolkit for your MacBook 13" Mid 2009 model and fix your broken laptop!

iFixit has you covered with parts, tools, and free repair guides. Repair with confidence! All of our replacement parts are tested to rigorous standards and backed by our industry-leading warranty.

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Arctic Silver Thermal Paste
Arctic Silver Thermal Paste

Forms a continuous, heat conductive layer between a processor and its heat sink. A new layer of thermal paste keeps your processor from overheating. 3.5 grams

8,99 USD
MacBook and MacBook Pro (Non-Retina) SSD Upgrade Bundle
MacBook and MacBook Pro (Non-Retina) SSD Upgrade Bundle

Upgrade the storage and improve boot time and read/write speed in your MacBook and MacBook Pro (Non-Retina) with this SSD upgrade bundle.

Da 89,99 USD
Arctic Silver ArctiClean
Arctic Silver ArctiClean

Two part cleaner dissolves old thermal paste on heat sinks and processors. One 30 ml bottle of thermal material remover and one 30 ml bottle of thermal surface purifier.

7,99 USD
Universal Drive Adapter
Universal Drive Adapter

Turn your current hard drive into an external drive with this part.

24,99 USD
500 GB 5400 RPM 2.5" Hard Drive / Toshiba
500 GB 5400 RPM 2.5" Hard Drive

Replacement or upgrade hard drive compatible with all MacBooks, MacBook Pros, Intel Mac minis, and Sony PS3 and PS3 Slim game consoles. SATA interface for Intel Macs / 2....

54,99 USD
PC2-5300 2 GB RAM Chip
PC2-5300 2 GB RAM Chip

Replace or upgrade the RAM in your desktop, laptop, or game console for faster performance. Low Profile / 200 pin / DDR-2 / 667 MHz

14,99 USD
1 TB 5400 RPM 2.5" Hard Drive / Toshiba
1 TB 5400 RPM 2.5" Hard Drive

Replace or upgrade the hard drive in your compatible MacBook, MacBook Pro, Intel Mac mini, and Sony PS3/PS3 Slim/PS4 game consoles.

74,99 USD
MacBook Replacement Battery / White / New
MacBook Replacement Battery

Replace the 4900-5200 mAh battery compatible with MacBook. 100% factory tested.

79,99 USD
MacBook MagSafe DC-In Board / White
MacBook MagSafe DC-In Board

Replace a broken or damaged MagSafe DC-in board for your MacBook with this part. This part connects the wall adapter power to the logic board.

Da 14,99 USD
G4/MagSafe AC Adapter End
G4/MagSafe AC Adapter End

Replace a broken or damaged two-pronged tip of your square G4 or MagSafe adapter with this part.

7,99 USD
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Informazioni Dispositivo

Apple introduced the Mid 2009 MacBook with a small speed bump and a redesigned heat sink (with no integrated thermal sensors).

The MacBook 13" 2.13 GHz (Mid 2009) laptop can be upgraded to a hefty, yet agile 750 GB 7200 RPM SATA hard drive Upgrade Kit. A total of 8 GB of PC2-6400 or PC2-5300 RAM can be installed, using two 4 GB chips.

Check out our MacBook troubleshooting page for help in diagnosing your machine!

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