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I've found a vacuum in my utility room. Since I almost never use it, I thought it was a good idea to see how it works... So let's go!!

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  1. The 4.8 Rowenta vacuum can be used  for a variety of purposes.
    • The 4.8 Rowenta vacuum can be used for a variety of purposes.

    • It is charged through its pedestal. The power of the pedestal is:

      • Input: 230V - 50 Hz - 7W (AC)

      • Output: 7.5V - 300 mA (DC)

  2. This vacuum has several parts:
    • This vacuum has several parts:

      • The tip

      • The reservoir which holds the dust and debris

      • The engine (4.8V)

      • The pedestal

      • The power supply

    • From top to bottom, the reservoir contains 3 parts: the housing, container, and filter.

    • Remove the two outer Philips #00 screws from the bottom of the engine.

    • The back of the circuit board will now be visible.

    • Remove the two inner screws.

    • Insert a flat screwdriver between the cover and the base of the engine and remove the cover.

    • The wires of the vacuum are now visible.

    • The wires of the vacuum are now visible.

    • The wires connect the charger light, switch,engine, and power wires.

    • The green box labels the engine.

    • The orange box labels one of the four batteries (4*1.2V)

    • The top of the circuit board contains components including capacitors, resistors, wires, and a chip.

    • The bottom side shows the tracks that connect the components.

    • Remove the screw securing the handle with a screwdriver.

    • Open the handle to see the inside using the flat screwdriver.

      • Warning: The handle is difficult to open

      • Warning: In this procedure, the handle was not opened to keep the vacuum intact.

    • This is the pedestal that will be torn down.

    • At the bottom of the pedestal, remove the 4 rubber pieces.

      • Note: This step provides access to 4 Philips screws.

    • Remove screws using a screwdriver.

    • Lift the plastic piece carefully from the bottom of the pedestal.

    • Inside the pedestal, the power cable separates into 2 wires. Each wire is connected to a conductive piece.

    • This completes the vacum cleaner teardown


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This could use some discussion of how to replace the rechargeable batteries used in portable vacuum cleaners.

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